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During the Covid-19 pandemic, the nation had shut down. People didn’t have much to do. Cycling became so popular. However, a segment of consumers could not utulise normal bicycles for various reasons; health, skill, geography, occupation. That’s when Electrek decided to step into and offer our consumers the ability to cycle with a bit of assistance, Electrek started to offer the people of the UK an enhanced product range of electric bikes and electric scooters. While the electric bikes were too expensive,  electrek had decided to bring alternative eco-solo transportation means at affordable prices and exceptional quality which other e-bike seller do not offer usually. Electrek decided to contribute to the green travel movement. Electrek was established and growing ever since 2020.

Alternative to traditional transport, e-bikes offer considerable advantages. People with mobility problems could solve their knee problems with the use of a bike’s motor. People with no cars, especially students, can save ride bikes and save time and huge transportation costs of bus or taxi fares. Moreover, e-bikes can help one earn money as a delivery person for apps such as Just-Eat and Uber Eats. While electric scooters are considered very convenient in every aspect of independent travel.

Electrek sees itself as an influential local and national player in the electric bicycle and electric scooters marketplace. Our website offers a range of e-Bikes and e-Scooters, and our catalogue is updated weekly. In addition, we aim to provide the best after-sale service and support to the customers by liaising with the manufacturers on customers’ concerns and needs. Our service has extended over the first year in the market, and we have gained a popular spot in the UK marketplace. We can now cater to pre-orders for our new line of bikes that are still in production. These bikes have security devices installed in them to help protect against theft or robberies. Hence, order your next electric bicycle and electric scooter from Electrek with a piece of mind.

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Our Team

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