How To Buy A Suitable E-Bike In The UK

Cycling has exploded as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. It’s expected to continue as more individuals return to work while still avoiding public transportation.


Electric bikes make cycling far more accessible, whether you want to conquer kilometers on the road, face steep and technical terrain off-road, or glide around town. However, despite their obvious advantages, we are frequently asked how to purchase an e-bike. Because of the advanced technology they employ, the process of purchasing an electric bike might be perplexing If you’re in the market for a new bike, whether for commuting or leisure, we’ve detailed the main factors

to consider before making a purchase;

What type of e-bike is best for you?

Purchasing an electric bike might be a difficult task. With so many various battery and motor configurations, it’s nearly impossible to know if you’re getting the proper bike. Eagle e-Bikes has put together a quick overview of the important differences between electric bikes to assist you in making your electric bike choice. We provide a large selection of electric bikes for our customers to check out.

The following are the most frequent e-bike types:

  • Electric bikes

Do you want or want a little additional pep in your step these days? Or are you unable to face the climb on your usual route? Then an electric bike might be the best option.

They’re pricey, and they’re heavier than regular bikes. The engine, on the other hand, will offer you a little extra energy while riding and make steep inclines a breeze.

  • Electric Road Bikes

These bikes are the fastest of the group, with slim tires and light frames. They’re best for folks who like to go fast and ride on smooth roads. They’re not ideal for any form of off-road riding unless you get a specialised gravel bike with wider, more gripping tires.

  • Electric Mountain Bikes/Fat Tires E-bike

Electric Mountain bikes have wider, more treaded tires, making them ideal for riding off-road on muddy trails or gravelly routes. They ride great on roads as well, but getting off the established path is where you’ll have the most fun on a mountain bike.

  • Electric Folding Bikes

Electric Folding bikes are ideal for commuters or leisure riders who want to throw their bike in the car, go to a nearby scenic place, and ride from there. They’re made to be light and fold up into a little package. This does imply certain tradeoffs in terms of comfort and wheel size, so they’re best suited to shorter rides.

Bottom Line

Electric bikes are slowly but steadily gaining traction in the cycling industry, with electric versions of nearly every style of bike now available, from commuting machines to flashy, aerodynamic road cycles. Which one do you choose, and what size of motor and battery will you require? If you’re thinking about buying an electric bike, have a look at our best electric bike store in the UK.

We’ve also tested folding electric bikes, and you can see which models we suggest in our folding electric bike reviews.

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